[Easy English Blog]Writing stories

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I enjoy writing stories. I started writing stories when I was a child. At school, in English class, we had to do creative writing. We had to write poetry, newspaper articles, and short fictional stories. This was my favourite class. I read many books when I was a child, so I enjoyed writing stories.

Now, I write graded readers. Sometimes, they are easy to write, and other times, they are difficult to write. I can usually get an idea quite quickly, but sometimes, turning the idea into a full story is difficult for me. So, I talk to other writers about my idea, and they often give me helpful suggestions. Then, I plan the story out from beginning to end, and sit at my computer and write the story.

If I have planned the story well, it is usually easy for me to write the story. If I haven’t planned the story well, it takes me a long time to write the story. Somtimes, I have to change my plan and change the story.

Some people don’t plan when they write. They just get an idea and start writing. The story “appears” to them as they write. I tried writing like that, but I couldn’t finish the story. I got stuck in the middle. So, I am the type of writer who needs a plan.

I have just finished writing a new graded reader. Now, it needs editing. I hope I can publish it this year. I am already thinking about the next graded reader. I have an idea for it, but the idea is vague (vague = not clear). Maybe I need to think about it for a while longer.