[Easy English Blog] Longer nights


It is starting to get dark earlier and earlier. I love cold, dark nights! Many people like summer nights when the sun sets later. I prefer autumn and winter nights. I like running in the dark (no one can see my sweaty face!) and I like being at home on cold, dark nights. I like sitting in the living room on the sofa with the fire on, reading a book. It’s cozy.

The sun sets quite late in summer in the UK. When I was a child, I didn’t like this. I had to go to bed when it was still light outside. This felt strange to me. I always looked forward to autumn, when it would get darker earlier. So maybe my love of long autumn and winter nights comes from my childhood.

It is not cold enough to put the fire on yet, but I have started wearing long-sleeved shirts in my house. It already feels cozier. Now all I need is a warm cup of cocoa and a good book, and I’m ready for autumn!