[Easy English Blog] Running

One of my hobbies is running. I’m not a fast runner. I like to run slowly. I usually run 10km-12km at a time. This takes me about an hour and twenty minutes. I don’t think about the time. I’m not interested in running faster, or beating the time of my previous run. I just want to enjoy running.

Now that it is getting cooler, I want to increase the distance I run. My next target is 15km. Someday, I’d like to run a half marathon, but at the moment, I’m just happy to get out in the fresh air and enjoy running.

I think about many things when I run. When I’m running, I get many ideas for new stories. Sometimes, when I am writing a story, I get stuck. I don’t know the next part of the story. When that happens, I go for a run. While I’m running, I can usually come up with a good idea.

I listen to music when I run. I have tried running with no music, but I soon become tired. Music makes me want to move, and it gives me energy. When I finish running, I feel refreshed and ready to work. It is an important part of my life.

How about you? Do you like to run?

Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press