[Easy English Blog] Making paperbacks

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Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Until this year, we only published our graded readers as e-books. E-books are becoming more popular, and they are usually cheaper than paper books. This year, however, we started making paperback versions of our graded readers.

Some people prefer reading “real” books, so we decided to make books for those people. We hope they enjoy reading our graded readers.

I bought an e-book reader (Kindle) about six years ago. Now, most of the books I buy are on my Kindle. It is easy to carry around, and the books don’t take up any space in my apartment. Now, I read more than I did before. It is easy for me to buy books – I just click a button! (This is also dangerous, because it is so easy to buy many books and spend a lot of money!)

I still buy paper books. If I want a reference book or a textbook, I will buy the paper version. It is easier to switch between pages, and go backwards and forwards. But if I want a novel, I usually buy the e-book version.

How about you? Do you prefer e-books or paper books?

Heather@I Talk You Talk Press