[Easy English Blog] Pets

Do you have a pet? I want a dog, but I can’t have one. I live in an apartment, and pets are not allowed. When I was a child, I had a dog. He was a West Highland Terrier – like the dog in the photograph above. His name was Mac. I loved Mac. We were always together. I took him for a walk every day when I got home from school. Sometimes I took him out in the morning before I went to school.

He was a very clever dog. He enjoyed watching TV. When a dog came on the TV, he became very excited. He ran to the TV and barked at the dog. Then, when the dog went off the TV, Mac walked around to the back of the TV to look for the dog! He was always confused. Where did the dog go? 🙂

Mac died when I was in Japan. I was so upset. I cried for many days. He was not just a pet. He was a family member. I still have his photograph in my room. When I look at the photograph, I remember our time together. I will never forget him.

If I move to a different place in the future, I hope I can have a dog. I would like a shiba dog. I think they are very cute, but also strong.

Do you have a pet?

Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press