[Easy English Blog] Reading in a foreign language

I think reading is very important when learning a foreign language. I learnt Japanese by using textbooks and CDs, watching TV, and by talking to my friends. I also read. I read everything I could –  newspapers, magazines, manga, pamphlets, advertisements, books…

Of course, I didn’t understand everything. But I continued to read and read. After a few months, I noticed a change. I could understand more and more. When I read, I didn’t use a dictionary. If I didn’t understand a kanji character, I just guessed the meaning, and continued reading. Sometimes I understood most of the text. At other times, I understood nothing.

I still read in Japanese. Now, I like to read novels. I mentioned this before on this blog. One of my favourite writers is Matsumoto Seicho. He wrote detective stories and mysteries. I read them at night, before I go to bed. Sometimes, they are so exciting, that I can’t sleep! I want to read more!

Now I am reading 「時間の習俗 」(Jikan no Shuzoku). A detective is trying to solve a murder. The murder suspect has an alibi, but the detective is not giving up. I wonder if the suspect is the murderer?

This is the book.


And this is Matsumoto Seicho.


I want to read all of his books. Of course, reading them will help me to maintain my Japanese skills, but it will also be fun!

Do you read in a foreign language? What kind of books do you like?

Heather@I Talk You Talk Press