[Easy English Blog] Reading in a Foreign Language


We started writing and publishing graded readers to help English learners improve their English. We believe reading is an essential part of language learning. It is also good for maintaining one’s ability and level. So, we like to practice what we preach! (Practice what you preach = Do the thing which you advise other people to do).

One of my favourite Japanese writers is Seicho Matsumoto. I have decided to spend 2018 reading as many of his books as I can in Japanese. So far, this year I have read two of his books – Ten to Sen and Tensai Ga no Onna. A few years ago I read Suna no Utsuwa, and enjoyed it very much. Now I’m choosing the next of his books to read.


I like Seicho Matsumoto’s books because I enjoy reading mysteries and detective stories. But I also like the darkness in his books. His books give an insight into society in a realistic way. He combines mystery with social realism. Also, I think his way of writing is easy to understand. There is a lot of repetition in his books, which makes them easy to follow.

Many of his books have been translated into English. Why not try one of his books in English? Or, if you are studying Japanese, why not try one of his books in Japanese? I’m sure you will enjoy it!