[Easy English Blog] Asia Museum


Today I went to an Asian culture museum. It has exhibitions of Japanese cloth, and old weaving machinery.


It also has an exhibition of Persian fabric. This was my favourite exhibition room. The colours and patterns are very beautiful. There is also an exhibition room about Mongolia and Mongolian costumes.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take photographs in most of the exhibition rooms. I could only take photographs in the room about weaving. It was very interesting to see how cloth used to be made. It looks like painstaking* work.


The museum is set in beautiful grounds. Now it is full of greenery.


It is also very noisy, because there are many insects around at this time of year. The cicadas have started singing, and the dragonflies and bees are buzzing around!


It is also getting very hot and humid. It is around 33 degrees every day. The weather forecast says that it is going to be a sweltering* summer. It is going to be hotter than usual in August and September. I hope I can spend some time cooling off at the beach or under a tree somewhere!




*painstaking = needs a lot of care, effort and hard work

*sweltering = very hot!