[Easy English Blog] Spring Cleaning

Our last blog post was from Japan. It was about autumn. In Japan, the leaves on the trees are starting to turn red, and the days and nights are getting cooler. It is a beautiful time to visit!

But it is the beginning of spring here in the southern hemisphere.

Next to my computer I have a small vase of flowers – freesias and grape hyacinths. The freesias smell wonderful!


But…look closely at the picture! Can you see the spider’s web on the wall above the flowers!? It is time for spring cleaning!!

What is spring cleaning?

In many countries, it means cleaning the house from top to bottom as soon as the weather gets warmer in spring.

In Iran, the ‘new year’ begins on the first day of spring. So it is important to clean everything just before the new year starts.

In America it is a good time to clean the house, because it is too early for all the bugs but it is warm enough to open all the doors and windows.
I am thinking about spring cleaning because my house is old and it has small windows.

In winter, the house is dark, but in spring the sun comes into the house. Then I can see that the windows are dirty and there is a lot of dust in my house! Time for spring cleaning!

But maybe not today. Today maybe I will just enjoy my flowers, (and the spider’s web)!