[Easy English Blog] New Year, New Skills


When a new year starts, many people decide to learn new skills. Others try to improve skills they already have, such as improving their English ability.

How about you? Have you decided to learn any new skills this year?

A good way to learn something new and improve your English ability at the same time, is to learn something new through English. 

Nowadays, we can learn many things on the Internet for free. For example, the website Coursera* offers free university courses in many languages. You can study the courses in English, or maybe in your own language.

Here is the link to the site: Coursera

(*We don’t have any connection to Coursera. We just enjoy taking their courses!)


We found an interesting post about learning new skills in the new year. In this post, the writer lists 24 skills you can learn in English for free. Some examples are learning a new language, improving your public speaking skills, and learning about basic psychology.

Here is the post:


How about learning a new skill through English this year? 🙂