[Easy English Blog] Kaki Season

It is the kaki season!



“Kaki” is Japanese for “persimmon”.

Every autumn, the persimmon trees in gardens and along roadsides grow heavy with bright orange fruit.

It is a sign that autumn has come!

Here is a tree with lots of persimmons waiting to be picked and eaten!



The other day, my neighbour gave me a big bag of persimmons. He has a large persimmon tree and he picked some for me.  I was very pleased to receive them.

When he gave me the persimmons, I said, “Oh thank you! I love persimmons!”

He said, “Good! I’ll bring some more next week. Our tree has lots of persimmons this year. We can’t eat them all!”

Here are some of the persimmons he gave me.



I started eating them straight away. (straight away = immediately) The persimmon has a nice shape inside. It’s a bit like a flower I think.



I sliced it up and ate it with yoghurt.  Very healthy (lots of vitamin A and vitamin C!) and very tasty!