[Easy English Blog] Japanese Cooking in English


Some of my students say, “I don’t have time to study English every day. I have to cook in the morning, afternoon and evening. It takes a long time.”

Now, they can study and cook at the same time!

There is a recipe site in Japan. It is called Cookpad.

It is Japan’s most popular and famous recipe site. Users of the site post recipes on their own recipe page. There are over 1.5 million recipes on the site!

Recently, Cookpad started an English version of the website. They are translating thousands of recipes from Japanese to English.

The site is great for people all over the world to learn about Japanese cooking and about Japanese culture. We think it is also good for people who want to study English! The English recipes are very easy to understand.


How you can use the site to study English (Our ideas):

1.  Print out the recipes and make some of the tasty dishes. (This kills 2 birds with 1 stone* – you can cook and study at the same time. No excuses!) 😉

2. Learn cooking vocabulary and phrases.

3. Teach your non-Japanese friends how to cook Japanese dishes.

4. Using the cooking vocabulary you learnt, write your own recipes in English and give them to your friends or teacher.

5. Ask your English teacher if you can have English class in the kitchen one day! Many community centres have kitchens you can rent for a few hours. You can make some of the recipes with your classmates!

Why not make* some tasty dishes in English this weekend? 🙂

The site is here: http://en.cookpad.com/


*Kill two birds with one stone = solve 2 problems at the same time.

(So, you have to cook = problem 1. You have to study English = problem 2. Do them at the same time! Problem solved!)

(In Japanese: 一石二鳥 )

*Why not….? = How about…..? This is a suggestion.

(So, Why not make some tasty dishes? = How about making some tasty dishes?)