[Easy English Blog] Sand Museum

When I was a child, in the summer time, I used to go to the beach. I enjoyed digging in the sand, and building sandcastles. The castles were only small, but because I was a young child, they seemed really big to me.

I was reminded of long summers on the beach playing in the sand when my friend showed me some photographs from his trip to a sand museum.

A few weeks ago, my friend went to the sand museum in Tottori. It is the only sand museum in Japan. He sent me some pictures, which I would like to share with you on this blog.

When my friend showed me the pictures, I said, “These sand sculptures look amazing”. He said, “They are even more impressive when you see them in real life! If you get the chance, you really should go and see them!”

Here are some of the photographs. I hope you enjoy them!


This sculpture is huge! It must have taken a long time to make!


The detail on this sculpture is stunning.



This photo is my favourite. The colours and design are beautiful.


I think this one is still being made. I’d like to watch the artist finish it! I hope I can go to Tottori to see the sand sculptures someday!