[Easy English Blog] Why do you want to study English?


When I meet new students, I always ask them this question.

“Why do you want to study English?”

Over the years I have been teaching, I have heard many interesting answers to this question.

Here are some of the answers, starting with the most common.

“I want to travel”

Many of these students go abroad every year, and they want to be able to communicate in everyday situations.


“I like English”

These students study English as a hobby. They tend to talk a lot in class and enjoy communicating with others.

“I want to watch American movies with no subtitles”

These students study English to enjoy their hobby more .

“I need it for work”

Many of these students work for companies which want to operate internationally. Some have bosses who don’t speak Japanese. Others need to get scores on tests (such as TOEIC) to be promoted.


“I want foreign friends”

These students are often interested in other cultures and are looking for friends from other countries.

“I want to study abroad”

Some of these students want to learn basic English before they go to language school, others need to pass entrance tests to colleges and universities.

“I don’t want to study English”

These students don’t want to study, but they have to, either for work or for school.

“It’s cool!”

These students are often interested in the image of speaking another language.


“I want to speak to my family members”

These students often have family members who have married people from other countries, and they want to communicate with them.

“To keep my brain active”

I taught a class for retired people for a few years. Everyone in the class said this was their reason for studying.


And some less common reasons I have heard:

“My psychiatrist recommended I study”

It seems that some psychiatrists recommend English conversation as a kind of therapy.

“It will make me rich”

This student thinks that if she can speak English well, she can get a higher paying job.


“To get away from my wife”

This man enjoyed spending time outside the home! 🙂

“I want to sell ice cream on Brighton beach”

This student had a very specific goal!



How about you? Why do you want to study English? 🙂