[Easy English Blog] A bad cold

I have a bad cold. It started about four days ago.

First, I had a sore throat. Then I started coughing. At first, I thought it was hay fever because there is a lot of pollen in the air at this time of year.

But then I got a runny nose, a fever and a headache. It’s definitely a cold!


When I get a cold,  I usually take medicine. The medicine makes me drowsy (sleepy) so I only take it at night. I take two capsules at a time.

I also try to eat healthily The other day, I bought some organic barley grass powder. Barley grass has many vitamins and minerals.


I mixed it with water and vegetable juice. It is not the most delicious thing to drink, but I think it is one of the healthiest!


I also bought many boxes of tissues! I hope I won’t need them all!


What do you do when you get a cold?