[Easy English Blog] Corn fritters

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On Saturday the temperature was 27o, so we had a BBQ.

I made corn fritters. One of my friends said, “Corn fritters! I haven’t eaten them for years!”

How about you? Have you ever eaten corn fritters? They are very easy to make.

I usually make corn fritters when we have a BBQ because I like to eat them with sausages and tomato salsa. They are good with bacon too.

Here is the photograph, my friend took of the fritters.


I asked her, “Why are you taking a photograph?”

She said, “To remind me to make corn fritters sometime soon.”

I don’t know what recipe she uses, but this is how I made them on Saturday night.


  • I put half a cup (100cc) of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder and a little salt in a bowl.
  • I mixed it together and then added two eggs and mixed again.
  • Then I put in a can of whole kernel corn (450g), and a small handful of grated cheese. I like to add a lot of black pepper too.
  • Then I fried spoonfuls of the mixture in oil and butter. Not too much. Just about a tablespoon of each.

You can make fritters with creamed corn too. Sometime soon I will make some. I’ll tell you which style I think is better.