[Easy English Blog] Japanese sweets

Yesterday, I went to a Japanese sweets shop with my friend. The shop is in a quiet location and it has a small Japanese garden. I had a matcha parfait. Matcha is powdered green tea. In the parfait, there were many ingredients – matcha flavoured ice-cream, sweet beans, many kinds of fruit, and cake. It was served with green tea. It was quite expensive – around 800 yen, but it was big and very filling.

Match Parfait

My friend had zenzai. Zenzai is a warm red bean soup, and is very sweet. There were soft rice cakes called mochi in the soup. Zenzai doesn’t look very appetizing, but it tastes very nice!


When I first came to Japan, it took me a while to get used to matcha and red beans, especially in desserts. Now, I really like matcha and drink it everyday.

How about you? What kind of sweets do you like?