[Easy English Blog] Hamburgers

Hamburgers are heaven. I cook them often. I’ve experimented over the years and think I created a combination that works in this house.  It’s important that the hamburger meat is not too fatty. Otherwise you have a layer pool of fat left in the frying pan. Of course, cooking them on the BBQ is great but where I live that’s a summer option only.


I used to have trouble because the beef I can buy doesn’t have much taste. I have found a way to improve the taste – add chili!

I put Worcester sauce and chili paste in my hamburger mix. About a teaspoonful of chili paste for each 400g (pound) of hamburger meat seems about right. The burgers don’t have a spicy taste, but the chili paste seems to make them taste more like beef. I don’t like chili powder so I use either Indonesian or Chinese chili paste. It’s easy to find in jars at the supermarket.


Of course what you eat with your hamburgers is important too. In my house a hamburger dinner means putting tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, shredded lettuce and fried onions on the table.

What do you like on your hamburgers?