[Easy English Blog] Spring and summer clothes

Well it’s a lovely day today. Sunny, and the weather forecast predicts a maximum temperature of 19 degrees.



Of course we will get some cooler days, but spring is almost here. Time to start thinking about spring and summer clothes.

I don’t have much space in my room to store clothes, so I put the clothes I’m not wearing away in boxes.

Then when the seasons change I have to take out the boxes and swap the clothes over. This is a good time to throw away old clothes and think about new ones.

Spring and summer are seasons for bright colours, aren’t they?  The fashion sites on the web predict lemon yellows, orange (a colour I never wear), greens and grey-blues.

Spring and summer are the time to have fun with clothes. T-shirts are quite cheap, and one in the latest colour will brighten up last year’s jeans and sandals.

I started to think about my favourite summer colours. Not many of them appear on the fashion sites for this summer. I don’t care. I put my favourite colours together in the picture below. What would I call them?


Maybe aqua, sky blue, turquoise, cobalt blue, teal, scarlet, bright pink and coral.

What colours do you like to wear in summer?