A Good Day


Hiro sleeps on a futon. He takes the futon from the closet and puts it on the floor. He lies down. He thinks about the girl from the bread shop. Hiro likes her very much. Every day, he passes the bread shop and he looks for her. She is very pretty. Hiro wants to be friends with her, but he is too shy. Hiro thinks about her all the time.

Hiro goes to sleep. He dreams about the girl in the bread shop.

Hiro wakes up. The room is very bright.


What is the time?

He looks for his glasses. He can’t see them. He looks for his mobile phone. He can’t see it.


I must be late! he thinks.

He jumps up from the floor.


I must hurry.

He finds his clothes. He gets dressed. He runs to the bathroom. He runs to the kitchen. His mother is not there. She has gone to work. His breakfast is on the table.

Hiro eats quickly.

Where is my phone? Where are my glasses?

Hiro goes back to his bedroom. He looks everywhere.


Where is my phone? Where are my glasses?

Hiro opens the window. Hiro’s apartment is on the third floor.

Outside the window is a bar to hang the futon. He picks up his futon and puts it on the bar. Something falls from the futon.

Hiro looks down.

Down on the ground Hiro can see his glasses and his mobile phone. They were inside the futon!

Hiro runs down the stairs. He goes outside. His mobile phone is broken. His glasses are broken. Hiro cannot see well. He goes back up to his apartment. He finds some tape. He can fix his glasses a little. His glasses look strange, because they have tape on them, but now Hiro can see.

He picks up his bag and runs outside. He runs to the train station. Hiro falls over. His knee hurts. It is bleeding. Everything has fallen out of his bag.

“Can I help you?”

Hiro looks up. It is the girl from the bread shop! She kneels down and picks up Hiro’s books. She gives him some tissues for his knee.

“Thank you!” says Hiro.

“You’re welcome. You should hurry, or you will be late for school!” says the girl from the bread shop.

Hiro stands up. He runs down the road. He gets on a train. He sits down. He will be very late for school. His glasses are broken. His mobile phone is broken. But Hiro is happy. He has met the girl from the bread shop. He will go into the bread shop on the way home from school. He will say “Thank you for helping me this morning.”

It will be a very good day!