[Short Story] Scare the Children

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Here is a short story for Halloween!

Wallace lives alone. He doesn’t like children.

He hates Halloween. He doesn’t want any children coming to his door for Trick or Treat. He doesn’t want to give them candy.

When the children ring his doorbell, Wallis gets very angry.  He doesn’t open the door. He stays inside and shouts “Go away!”

One Halloween, Wallace has an idea. I will scare the children. They will be too frightened to come to my door.

Wallace is very smart. He knows a lot about electronics. He goes to the electrical shop and buys everything he needs to scare the children. He buys a sensor, a mini sound player, speakers, batteries and switches.

He finds audio files of screams and groans on the Internet. He makes a recording.

Then he sets up his system in his mailbox.  He tests it. It works very well.

If anyone walks towards his gate, the recording will start playing. There will be very loud screams and groans. Walter thinks the sounds will frighten the children and they will run away.

This year, Wallace is looking forward to Halloween.

He waits until it is dark. Then he goes to his mailbox and turns the sensor on. He turns the volume on the recorder up to maximum. He goes back into his house and waits by the window.

I will see the children in their costumes, he thinks. I will see them come to my house. I will see them run away because they are so scared.

About 30 minutes later a group of children walks down the street. They are dressed as ghosts, princesses, and super heroes. Their parents are with them. The parents are dressed up too. They walk to Wallace’s gate. The sensor works. The sounds of moans and screams are very, very loud. Wallace can hear them easily inside his house.

The children shout. They jump up and down. Wallace cannot believe it. The children laugh. They do not run away. They run towards Wallace’s door. They ring the bell.

“Go away!” shouts Wallace. The children are still laughing and talking outside his door. He waits for a long time.  Finally, it is quiet. The children have gone.

Wallace does not understand. I thought my plan was very clever. Why didn’t my plan work?

The next morning, Wallace goes out to his mailbox. He takes everything out of the mailbox.

Lucy Parks, who lives next door, comes into the street. “Wallace!” she shouts. “Thank you so much! The children loved your surprise!”

Wallace shakes his head and walks back inside.

It’s not surprising I don’t like children, he thinks. I don’t understand them at all!

[Easy English Blog]Halloween

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It is nearly Halloween. Do you do anything for Halloween? It has become popular in Japan in recent years. There are some Halloween parties in the city where I live, and many children I know are going to events.

It has become a popular event in the UK too. When I was a child, it was not so popular. There were some Halloween parties, but not many. I remember one year, I went to a Halloween party at a local community centre. My friends and I dressed up as ghosts and witches. I was a witch. I had a tall, pointed hat, and a costume made from plastic garbage bags. I took the broom from my house. One of my friends wore a white bedsheet. She was a ghost. Unfortunately, she didn’t put eye holes in the sheet, so she couldn’t see! Nowadays, there are many costumes available, especially online.

Also, trick or treating has become popular. When I was a child, no one went trick or treating. Maybe it is an American tradition. At the Halloween party I went to, we played Apple Bobbing. In this game, apples are put into a bowl of water. People have to catch an apple with their teeth. They cannot use their hands. I didn’t enjoy the game, because my face got wet! But the apple was tasty!

I wonder what games children play at Halloween parties nowadays?

Short Story for Halloween from Old Jack

A short story for learners of English (EFL)


Halloween – now that’s a time for ghosts. Halloween is my favourite time of year.

I’m Old Jack. I live in the north of England.  My hobby is collecting ghost stories.  I travel around and listen to people’s strange and scary stories. Some of my best stories come from people I meet in pubs.

But for Halloween I’d like to tell you something a bit special. This is not a story from a famous castle or hotel. This is a story from my own family.

I’m from Northwest England, but I have an aunt who lives in Scotland. Her name is Edna. She lives near Holy Corner in Edinburgh in an old stone house.

It’s a nice house. But, one October, many years ago, a strange thing happened. It was late October, around Halloween. The gas heater in Aunt Edna’s living room broke. The weather get’s very cold in Scotland in November and December. So, of course, Aunt Edna wanted to get the heater fixed.

This gas heater was in the fireplace in the living room.  A long time ago, the people who lived in the house used to burn coal and wood in the fireplace to keep warm. When my Aunt Edna bought the house, there was a gas heater in the fireplace. She was glad. It was much cleaner and more convenient than coal or wood. Of course, the chimney was still there, but no smoke had travelled up the chimney for many years.


A repairman came to look at the heater.

“It’s no good,” said the man. “The heater’s too old. You will have to buy a new heater.”

“OK,” said Aunt Edna. “But I need it very soon. It’s getting cold.”

“I’ll take the old heater out and bring you a nice new one tomorrow,” said the repairman.

The man took the old heater away. It was the 31st of October. It was the night of Halloween.

That night Aunt Edna couldn’t sleep. She woke up in the middle of the night. She was very cold.

I’ll just go downstairs and make myself a hot drink, she thought.

When she got downstairs, she got a shock. The living room was icy cold. It was colder than her bedroom. It was colder than any other room in the house.

What’s that? she thought.

Aunt Edna could hear strange noises coming from the empty fireplace.  It was like something was scratching inside the chimney.

Aunt Edna ran to the kitchen and got a broom.

A cat or a bird has come down the chimney! I’ll have to get it out, she thought.

When she went back into the living room she stopped at the door. She could not move. It was like a large, very cold and very powerful hand was stopping her. It wouldn’t let her go into the living room.

She stood at the door and looked around the living room. There was no one there. She could still hear the strange noises in the chimney. The noises were getting louder.

She put the broom back in the kitchen. Then, she hurried into the living room. This time, nothing stopped her. She hurried back upstairs to the bedroom. Aunt Edna didn’t believe in ghosts, but she thought the experience in the living room was very strange.

The next morning, she woke up, got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. She walked into the living room.

“What’s that?!” she said.

There was a large old-fashioned doll lying in the fireplace. She walked over to the doll and picked it up. It was a very old doll. Maybe 100 years old. She looked up the chimney. She couldn’t see anything.


That’s strange, she thought. She put the doll on a chair and made breakfast.

Later that morning, the repairman came back and put the new heater in the fireplace.

Aunt Edna is very old now. She still doesn’t believe in ghosts, but she still has the doll. She keeps it in a dark cupboard in the living room. She says that if you take the doll out of the living room, the room gets very cold, even in summer…


We hope you enjoyed Old Jack’s story!

For more information about Old Jack’s ghost stories, see here.

Happy Halloween! 🙂