Do you know the adjective “treacherous“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

David: How are the roads?

Steve: They are treacherous. There is ice everywhere. You should take care going home.

Does it mean:

a) dangerous

b) smooth

c) crowded

d) empty

The answer is below! ↓

car road snow winter

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Answer: a) dangerous


Do you know the adjective “lethargic“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Vince: Are you OK? You have been working on that short report all morning.

John: I’m feeling lethargic. Maybe I need some coffee.

Does it mean:

a) energetic

b) hungry

c) thirsty

d) lacking energy

The answer is below!

blue ceramic mug filled with coffee

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Answer: d) lacking energy


Do you know the verb “to despise“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Katrina: I despise people who hurt animals.

Natalie: So do I. If I see someone treating an animal badly, I get really angry.

Does it mean:

a) like

b) hate

c) watch

d) admire

The answer is below!

animal beagle canine close up

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Answer: b) hate


Do you know the expression “to feel light-headed“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Doctor: What are your symptoms?

Eddie: I have been feeling light-headed since this morning, and I have a blocked nose.

Doctor: Hmm…it sounds like you have a cold.

Does it mean:

a) stupid

b) dizzy and faint

c) unconscious

d) weak

The answer is below!↓

person using black blood pressure monitor

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Answer: b) dizzy and faint

[Easy English Blog]Soup season

appetizer bowl bread breakfast

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I love soup, especially warm soup on a cold evening. Now that the nights are getting cooler, I make soup quite often. My favourite kinds of soup are sweet potato, mushroom and onion; tomato, onion, spinach and mushroom; and carrot, onion and mushroom. As you can see, I like mushrooms!

It only takes me five minutes to make the soup. That’s because I don’t actually make it. I chop the vegetables, put them in my soup maker and switch it on! I wait 20 minutes, and then I have smooth and hot soup!

I bought my soup maker about 4 years ago, and it is the best kitchen item I have ever bought. It was cheap too, only about 4,000 yen. I can also make smoothies in the soup maker, which is great for breakfast.

This season I’m going to try experimenting with different flavours of soup. I wonder what I will try next…something with mushrooms in it, I’m sure! 🙂


I’m famished!

Do you know the English expression “to be famished“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Eri: I’m famished! I haven’t eaten since 6am this morning.

Fiona: Same here. Let’s take a break and get something to eat.

Does it mean:

a) to be full

b) to be tired

c) to feel dizzy

d) to be very hungry

The answer is below! ↓


Answer: d) to be very hungry

[Easy English Blog] Coffee morning

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This morning I went out for coffee with a friend. At the beginning of the year, I decided that I needed to make more time to see friends. Most of my close friends are like me – they work for themselves (have their own companies), so it is difficult for us to schedule time together.

When I first came to Japan, I worked in a language school. When work finished, I often went out with my colleagues for dinner or drinks. Everyone started and finished work at the same time, so it was easy to see friends and go out.

Now, everyone is older. My friends are busy running their businesses, or they have children. I haven’t seen some of my friends for a year or more. The friend I met today is a friend I meet regularly. We usually meet once a week, but I have been busy lately, so we met for the first time in a month. We had a lot to talk about!

Most of my friends work in the afternoon or evening, so meeting in the morning is best for us. My schedule is quite flexible, although I prefer to work in the mornings, because I am more productive in the morning than at any other time of the day. However, chatting with my friend over coffee in the morning gives me energy. I should do it more often.