[Short Story with Video] The Sunhat

This is a short story for learners of English. We hope you enjoy it!

Fiona is going to a wedding. Her friend Carol is getting married. Carol’s boyfriend’s family is rich. They live in a big house with a beautiful garden. The wedding will be in the garden.

Fiona doesn’t have a job so she doesn’t have a lot of money. She loves fashion and wants to wear something beautiful to the wedding. Fiona’s mother gives her one of her old dresses. Fiona cuts it up and makes a new dress for herself. It is pink. It is very short and has thin straps over the shoulders. Fiona thinks she will look good in it.

Then she thinks, the wedding will be outside. It will be hot and sunny. I don’t want to get sun burnt. I need a hat. She goes to the $2 shop and buys a sun hat. Then she uses the material left over from her dress to make flowers.

She puts the flowers on the hat. Oh, it doesn’t look good. I need some flowers in different colours, she thinks. She finds some blue, and some white material in her mother’s sewing basket. She makes some more flowers. She adds them to the pink flowers on the hat. The hat looks wonderful!

Fiona is very excited on the day of the wedding. She knows she looks good.

It is a very beautiful day. It is hot and sunny, but it is also very windy.

After the ceremony, everyone is standing in the garden drinking champagne and eating snacks. Fiona has a glass of champagne in one hand and a sandwich in the other. She cannot hold on to her hat.

Suddenly the wind blows hard. It picks up Fiona’s hat and takes it high into the air.

“Oh no! My hat” shouts Fiona. Everyone laughs as they see her hat fly away.

Fiona is sad because she has lost her hat, but she cannot do anything about it.

The next weekend, Fiona and her mother go on a garden tour. They visit many gardens. Garden tours are popular and there are many people. Suddenly Fiona’s mother says, “Fiona! Is that your hat?”

There is a very smart woman looking at some rose bushes. She is wearing Fiona’s hat. Fiona runs up to her. “Excuse me, but that is my hat!”

The woman looks surprised. “Are you sure?” she says.

“Yes. I don’t know how you found it. I went to a wedding in Grampstead Road. The wind was strong and my hat flew away.”

“Oh,” says the woman. “I live in Grampstead Road. I found it in my garden. I will give it back to you.”

She takes the hat off and gives it to Fiona.

“Thank you,” says Fiona.

Then the woman says, “I really like it. Where did you buy it?”

“I made it,” says Fiona. She explains about the $2 shop sunhat, and making flowers to put on the hat.

“Really?” says the woman. “You are very clever.”

Fiona gives the hat back to the woman. “Please keep this one. I can easily make another one for myself.”

The woman smiles. “I have an idea. My name is Valerie Osten. I have some fashion shops. I sell clothes for weddings and other special occasions. Will you make some hats for me? I think they will sell very well. Here is my business card. Please call me.”

“Oh, yes!” says Fiona. “I will do that.”

As Fiona runs back to her mother she thinks, I was so lucky that I lost my hat. Now I have a job!

By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading

[Short Story]The Waiting Dog

photo of siberian husky puppy

Photo by Екатерина Александрова on Pexels.com

Romero has a café in the park. It is called The Park Café. Romero thinks the name is boring, but he can’t think of a better name. The Park Café is very popular in summer. Many people come to the park to walk their dogs.

Romero likes dogs and he is a smart businessman. Dogs cannot come into the café, but Romero has a special area for dogs outside. Dog walkers can tie their dogs up there. They can see their dogs through the window. Romero has bowls of water and treats for dogs. It is good for business.

One Saturday, the café was very busy. The dog area was full. The café was full. Romero did not notice that one dog had been there for a very long time. The café closes at 4pm. All the customers left. Romero was surprised to see that there was still one dog tied up outside. He looked around his café. It was empty. He went outside to talk to the dog.

“Where is your owner? Did your owner forget you and go home without you?”

The dog wagged its tail and barked.

Romero looked at the dog. It was a nice dog. It was clean and well fed. He looked at the dog’s collar. There was a tag on the collar with the name Lucien, and a telephone number.

He went inside and called the telephone number. There was no answer. Romero did not know what to do.

He went into the kitchen and found some leftover hamburger. He put it in the bowl and took it out to the dog.

I will have to call the people who take dogs that are on the streets, he thought. But first I will clean up. While Romero was cleaning his café and kitchen he watched the dog out the windows. It was a very nice dog.

Finally Romero finished his work. His last job was to take the bags of garbage out. When he went out to the back of the café he got a big shock. There was a man lying on the grass. Romero thought he was dead, but he ran inside and called an ambulance.

The ambulance came. Romero was right. The man was dead. “It looks like a heart attack,” said the ambulance men. “He’s been dead for hours.”

The police came. It was dark and Romero went outside and brought the dog into the café. It’s against the rules, he thought. But I don’t care. That poor dog has been alone for hours waiting for his owner.

Romero sat in the café with the dog. The dog put his head against Romero’s knee and Romero patted him.

Finally the police said. “The dog belonged to the dead man. The man’s name was Raoul Findeas. It seems he had no family. We will take the dog now.”

“No,” said Romero. “I will keep the dog.”

“OK,” said the police and went away.

“Well,” said Romero to the dog. “It has been a hard day for you, but I will take you home. And I think I will change the name of my café. I think I will call it Lucien’s Café. What do you think?”

The dog barked.

[Short Story] The Power of Words

close up of tree against sky

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A short story for learners of English.

Janey has moved to a new town. She found a one-bedroom apartment in a big apartment block. Her new job is interesting and her salary is good. She works hard in the office, and her boss, Angela, is pleased with her. But Janey has a problem. She is very, very shy. The other people in the office have been there a long time. They know each other well. They laugh and joke. They go out for lunch and to the pub on Fridays. But they don’t talk to Janey. She feels like she is invisible.

When Janey has been in her new job for about four weeks, the boss decides to have a party. The company is doing well, and the boss wants to thank her staff.  It will be a BBQ on Sunday afternoon. All the workers are invited.

Janey listens to the conversations in the office. Everyone is very excited. The boss’s husband is very rich. They live in a large house with a swimming pool.

On Friday afternoon, Janey takes some letters into the boss’s office. She waits for the boss to sign them.

“Thank you, Janey,” says Angela. “See you on Sunday.”

Janey doesn’t answer.

“You are coming on Sunday, aren’t you?” asks Angela.

“Mmmm. I don’t think so,” answers Janey.

Angela frowns. “Why not? I want all my staff to be there. It’s my thank you for all your hard work.”

Janey knows that Angela is a little angry. “Uh, OK. I will come,” she says.

“Good. The party is from 2pm.”

Angela turns back to her computer and Janey works back into the office. She sits down at her desk. Cressida and Mary, two of the office workers are standing in front of her desk. They are talking and laughing.

“I wonder if Angela’s brother, James, will be at the party,” says Cressida. “He is so good looking and very rich. If he’s there, you stay away from him! I want him to ask me out on a date.”

Mary laughs. “I am going with Axel from the finance office. You don’t have to worry about me. But if James is as wonderful as you say, maybe I will drop Axel and chase James.”

“Don’t you dare!” shouts Cressida.

“Excuse me,” says Janey. Cressida and Mary don’t hear her. Janey tries again. “Excuse me,” she says more loudly.

Cressida and Mary stop talking and look at her. “Oh, I didn’t see you,” says Mary. “Do you want something?”

“What kind of clothes will you wear to the party?” asks Janey.

“Oh, just casual clothes,” says Cressida. “It’s a BBQ. Anything will be OK.”

Cressida and Mary walk away still talking and Janey starts working again.

On Sunday, Janey is very nervous, but she knows Angela will be angry if she doesn’t go to the party.

I will go for a little while, she thinks. I don’t have to talk to people and I don’t have to stay. What can I wear? Cressida said ‘casual’.

Janey puts on a pair of shorts, and orange T-shirt and sneakers. She has a map to Angela’s house, but she doesn’t know the town very well. She gets lost. It takes her a long time to find the house. When she arrives, she can’t find Angela. There are so many people. Everyone is drinking and talking. It is a very noisy party. Janey feels very bad.

Everyone is wearing very smart clothes. It is a very dressed up party. I look stupid. My clothes are all wrong. I’ll find Angela and say ‘thank you’ and then I will go.

Janey sees Cressida. “Uh, Cressida,” she says. “Where is Angela?”

Cressida looks great. She is wearing tight white pants and a beautiful blue top. Her hair and make up are perfect. She stares at Janey. “Do I know you? Oh, yes. You’re the quiet one from the office.”

“Do you know where Angela is?” Janey asks again.

“No idea,” says Cressida. She walks away.

Janey walks around looking for Angela. She can’t see her anywhere. Janey feels so bad she wants to hide. There is a rose garden behind the swimming pool. Janey goes and stands behind a rose bush. She can watch the party and wait until she can see Angela.

Cressida walks towards the garden. She is holding the arm of a very handsome man. “Oh, James,” she says. “Isn’t this a wonderful party? And all this lovely champagne! Come into the rose garden with me.” Cressida is looking up at James. She knows she looks beautiful. She is sure he will ask her out on a date.

But James says. “I must talk to some other people. I must talk to all the guests.”

Cressida is not happy. “But some of these people are so boring. And did you see the woman in the orange T-shirt? What terrible clothes! She works in our office but she has no idea about fashion.”

James is looking towards the rose garden. He can see a small woman in an orange T- shirt standing behind a rose bush. He guesses that this is the woman Cressida is talking about. He knows she can hear them talking. He is a very kind man. He thinks Cressida is not a very nice person. He wants to say something to make Janey feel better.

“Oh,” he says. “I saw her. The woman in the orange T-shirt. I thought she was very cute! And now I must go and talk to other people.” He pulls his arm away from Cressida and walks towards the house. Cressida is angry. She goes to find Mary and some more champagne.

Janey is amazed. That handsome man thinks I am cute!  Suddenly she feels much better, but she still wants to go home.

Just then, she sees Angela come out of the house. She hurries towards her. She thanks Angela for the party and then she leaves. At the gate, she sees James talking to Mary and Axel. He smiles at her and Janey smiles back.

Janey has a beautiful smile.

She really is cute, thinks James. I must ask Angela about her. I would really like to take her out on a date.