Do (something) by the …..

Can you complete this English expression? It means “to do (something) in accordance with the rules”.

Do (something) by the ……

a) book

b) pen

c) law

d) judge

The answer is below!↓

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Answer: a) book

Do (something) by the book!

Example: Jim is a good worker. He does everything by the book.

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[New Graded Reader] Return to the Valley

Our 99th graded reader “Return to the Valley” (Level 4) is now available!

Neil has a good life. He has a successful company. He’s rich. But everything is about to change.
Twelve years ago, Neil left the valley where he grew up. He said he would never return. But now his brother is dead, and he must go back. He must face the past, and learn to live with the truth.

But what is the truth? What really happened twelve years ago? Why did his brother die?
Someone doesn’t want Neil to find the answers. There is danger, romance, friendship and surprise when he returns to the valley.

[New Graded Reader] Let’s Do It!

Today we published our new Level 3 graded reader “Let’s Do It!”

Let’s Do It!

Sometimes people with disabilities have trouble finding jobs. Mike and his friends were lucky. For ten years they had a job at Sunrise. When the government decides to close Sunrise, they lose their jobs.
Mike sees an opportunity. Five Sunrise workers start a new company together. It is a big success. But not everyone is happy. Someone wants to close the business down. Can Mike and his co-workers save their business and become successful again?