[Easy English Blog] Choco-monster!

close up view colorful candy chocolate

Photo by Caio Resende on Pexels.com

I have a bad habit. (Well, I probably have many, but today I’m just going to talk about one of them.) I eat too many snacks, especially when I’m working. Eating snacks – chocolate, candy, crisps, etc. helps me to concentrate when I’m writing. Well, I think it does. But maybe it doesn’t. Maybe I just got into the habit of eating when I write. I feel like eating snacks in the late afternoon, around 4pm. I feel like my body needs energy then.

This is not good for my health. I try to exercise every day, but sometimes this is difficult. I write and translate in the daytime, and I teach English at night. But this is no excuse! I must make time to exercise more. (Or stop eating snacks.) I could get up earlier and exercise before breakfast. I could swap chocolate and crisps for healtheir snacks. Japan has a wide range of healthy snacks. But when I go to the store I see the tasty crisps and chocolate, and buy them without thinking. Unfortunately, there is a store next to my house, so it is very easy for me to buy them. I need more willpower… (I have been saying this for years. My Japanese friends call me “choco-monster” because I eat too much chocolate!)

How about you? Do you eat too many snacks?

Heather@ I Talk You Talk Press